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About Commercial Grille Shutters

Protecting your office, assets and your employees is a priority in today’s world. Whether you are looking for shutters for a window, door, garage or entrance, our shutters will provide the ideal solution. Operated by remote and keypad, our shutters offer unbeatable security with the best level of reinforcement available in the market today. With an emergency manual override available on the inside only, our shutters cannot be forced open from the outside.



Roller shutters Doors are a curtain of interlocking aluminium slats that form a solid barrier. The Maxidor range of roll up garage doors is customised to suit a wide variety of applications. The Maxi-Shutter roller shutter offers an attractive way to secure the windows and doors of any residential and commercial premises. This product can either be manual or motorised. With each Maxi-Shutter you can choose:

  • The material: aluminium
  • The style: perforated or solid slats
  • The colour: white or bronze
  • Ease of operation: Motorised or manual
  • Visibility: recessed canopy into the roof or walls